Exquisite Corpse:

The process of which,in this case, 2 artists (see pic below) create a painting.
We choose a subject matter and then each of us paints half of a canvas, then covers up
the painted half and sends it to the other to be completed...The final reveal is always exciting! We then have 2 paintings for each topic...

Stef began this one, covered her half (with an undulating edge) and I completed the unpainted surface. When I was thru I uncovered her half to discover this.
Our subject matter was women who have eating disorders
because they think they are not as thin as society wants them to be,
even though they really are just fine.

I started this painting,covered my half and then Stef finished her half to reveal this!

The Spirit World...One... (Stef started this one)

Spirit World Two!

I began this one and Stef finished it


Celebration of the Artist_One

Stef began this one and I finished it.

Celebration of the Artist Two

I started this one.

The Cycle of Life...Part 1...I started this one and Stef, who currently resides in Paris,France
finished it...The left side (Stef's side) addresses the very beginning of life as a cell divides and transforms into new cells...the basis of all life... The right side (my side) looks at DNA, death, eggs, and an Egyptian symbol of life, the Ankh...

Cycle of Life Part 2...Stef started this one with the passage of time from young girl to
dead old woman...my 1/2 looks at cell division with the biblical text
"for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return" implied...

stay tuned for more exquisite corpses to come!

Stef Luck Coic,Heather Levy, 2007. Do not use images without authorization from the artists.