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Signes de la maison (manipulated video footage)2018

Ode to Virgin Guadalupe(manipulated video footage)(Manouche music)2016

Neuromanouche (paintings manipulated into a digital video)(Manouche music by Django Reinhardt)2016

Surrealistic Existence (manipulated digital video)(with music by Moderno Trio)

Basso Moderno Duo (manipulated digital video) (with music by Basso Moderno Duo)

Life is Complex (manipulated digital video + 35mm + 16mm Film manipulated)(with audio)
watch it on youtube here

a day in the life (digital animation with audio by the cutest puppy in the world)

woman with a video camera (manipulated video and 16mm footage) (audio by the cutest puppy in the world)
(this is a big file~please use patience!)

ae (digital animation + 16 mm animation + animated paintings) (with audio)

beautiful people (a painting in process shot w/16 mm film)(with audio)

buffalo bill (Sharpie on 16 mm film)(with audio)

butt (sponge Art)(with audio)

circles (sponge Art)(with audio)

countdown (paint on 35 mm film)(with audio)

dying to be seen part 1 (live action video) (with audio)

dying to be seen part 2 (live action video)(with audio)

dying to be seen part 3 (live action video)(with audio)

dying to be seen part 4 1/2 (live action video)(with audio)

film Art (sharpie on 35mm film)(with audio)

hebba ho (music video/paint/sharpie 35mm and 16 mm film)

I am that am I (sponge Art) (with audio)

NBA bumpers (paint/scratch/bleach 35 mm film)(with audio)

HL open (digital Art)(with audio)

spiral woman (16mm animated film)(with audio)

yellow red dot dance (sponge Art)(with audio)

Attack of the Snakehead fish (photos stitched to make a story)

Winter on Fire (photos stitched to make movement)

Hot and Cold (photos stitched to make movement)

rough cut

Time to think

© Heather Levy, 2017. Do not use videos or images without authorization from the artist.